Datify.Link - CPA Affiliate Network with in-house, private, and exclusive offers from direct advertisers. We have 2,000+ offers, we reach 3M conversions per month and cover 100+ countries around the world. Since the beginning of our development, we have been trusted by more than 25,000 webmasters. Our top niches are Dating (Mainstream/Adult), Adult Games, Cams, Gambling and CPI Mainstream Smartlink. Why affiliates work with us: • In-house and direct offers WW; • Free apps for FB, UAC, and TT; • Real-time statistics; • 5% RevShare referral program; • Operational support 24/7.


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15 reviews on “Datify.Link

  1. I think the main advantage of this affiliate program is Smartlink. Yes, I know that nowadays this feature will not surprise anyone, but here it is really well designed. Otherwise I don’t know how to explain such a great profitability compared to the links of other affiliate programs.

  2. Many people advised me to work with this particular affiliate network, besides, I read a lot of positive reviews about it. So I decided to try working with this network. The registration process was quick, and I liked the fact that the guys tell me in detail about the work process. What can I say – my income is constantly growing and I am satisfied with everything.

  3. These guys never tried to cheat me. I can’t say which offer I liked the most, because the offers are chosen for me by smartlink. It’s a very cool feature. The bundle it creates more accurately hits the target audience than the one I was able to set up. And besides, this feature helps me save my time.

  4. I advise you to try to run not only dating traffic with these guys, but also to run traffic to Forex offers (ru, kz). I also started running traffic to these offers last month because of the promotion, but I still get the same profit.

  5. Guys with a good approach to clients. They have a smartlink, lots of geos, and they give apps and can help you with creatives if you need. I haven’t had any technical problems and they don’t delay payments.

  6. A well-thought-out system of payments, so that you can get money even every day. And they really pay without delay!

  7. The support team is great. They always inform me about new promotions and, if necessary, can advise me on what I should try. Initially I only knew about dating and webcam, but there are also games and forex, for example

  8. I’m launching game traffic on geo Canada. Before that I worked only with the main affiliate direction – dating. I want to say that the results are good, and I recommend you their applications to test

  9. I am completely satisfied with the terms and results, which I see in the statistics from working with this affiliate network. I’ve only tried three affiliate programs in the dating sector and I hope to continue my way in affiliate marketing with Datify.link

  10. It is very convenient that here you can withdraw money from your balance in cryptocurrency. Support works well, the guys solve all issues very quickly.

  11. Cool guys! I personally work here mainly with webcam, but there are offers for dating too. I’ve known them since 2019. Payments always on time, without any delays. I haven’t noticed any shave, otherwise I wouldn’t have worked here for so many years

  12. If you compare Datify’s rates with other affiliate networks in this vertical, you’ll find that with Datify your income will be higher and that you can launch traffic here more easily.If you’re interested in dating – I recommend these guys

  13. I started working with Datify a year ago and I want to share my impressions.This affiliate network is reliable and guys have never once delayed my payout.The guys offer smartlink with a good conversion rate and give apps for free

  14. It turned out to be very easy to collect and connect smartlinks in this affiliate network. A few clicks and everything is set up. I give the choice to smartlink what offers to launch, and have no complaints. I doubt I’d be able to pick up such a cool bundle without smartlink

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