We are Smartlink platform dedicated to monetization in the best possible way! Our main verticals are Dating, Sweeps. We provide a daily payout, have 10000+ private, direct, exclusive offers and accept all types of traffic. Let's make money together!


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WebMoneyPayoneerBitcoinWireCapitalistPaxumTether (USDT)Visa/MastercardBkash (Tier-3)Nagad(Tier-3)Rocket (Tier-3)
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14 reviews on “TraffCore

  1. Hello! In my opinion, this affiliate network is very reliable and a pleasure to work with. It has a convenient and, most importantly, functional interface. You won’t have any problems with the settings either, especially if you keep in touch with the manager. In addition, the guys provide a lot of offers, and they also have their own promo materials, and this makes your work much easier and saves your time.

  2. This is a good affiliate program! I have been working with it for half a year without any problems. Everything works fine and the guys offer very good and loyal conditions. Also, they have a lot of different geos, I even managed to test some rare ones that I had not seen before and got very good results and experience. If you set everything up right, the leads start dripping within a couple of hours. That’s cool.

  3. I haven’t been working with these guys for too long, and so far I have not had any problems 🙂 The high quality traffic combined with the offers the network provides brings me a lot of leads. I run mostly gambling traffic and the ROI of my ad campaigns has never dropped below 48%.I always use smartlink, so I can save 10% of my budget on testing. And this network has many more similar features that can help you. I recommend TraffCore to everyone.

  4. My manager asked me to write a review, and here I am fulfilling his request 🙂
    What can I say? I am satisfied with everything and all my expectations of working here have been met. This network provides a large number of offers and geo, which gives room for creativity, because you can endlessly try to create different bundles and improve your performance. The managers are great guys and always ready to give some advice or help you choose the right geo. Also, there are no problems with payments, everything is fast and without delays. So I give this network a high score.

  5. I can say with confidence that Traffcore is the best! It only took me a few months to start making $500 consistently and I continue to expand. My favorite vertical is Nutra and it’s great to be able to make money doing what I like. Thanks to this affiliate network for this opportunity.

  6. TraffCore is a Certified Smartlink platform offers easy fast payout daily bases.

    I recommend you to join and start your earning, increase your income.

  7. This is a very worthy affiliate program in all respects. I have been working with these guys for quite some time and in all this time I have not had any situations that could negatively affect my opinion. They have very active and friendly managers who are always willing to help you solve any problem and answer any question. And it’s cool that this network has great functionality that will help you optimize and get a steady income.

  8. It’s a good network that pays for $30 and I’m a Bangladeshi citizen that network is very good and their support is very good

  9. In the beginning, I didn’t have a big budget to launch traffic. But I was able to pick up geo without any problems, because this network has a lot of Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries. I managed to collect a couple of good bundles and launch an ad campaign. At first I didn’t have great results, but then the situation improved and brought me $900. I plan to scale up and launch traffic here, because this network has everything for it.

  10. Perfect affiliate network with great offers, lots of geos, and cool promo materials. It’s nice that you can set up smartlink and save your budget with it. This is my favorite network at the moment and I’m making good money running traffic here. I hope it continues to grow and improve functionality and will add new software.

  11. Hello, I have been working in this field for a long time and I can write a few words about Traffcore. In general, this is a good affiliate network, you can work comfortably and stably here and get a good profit. Of course, at first you need to build working bundles, for this I recommend you to contact a manager, he knows a lot and will always help you. I run crypto traffic here with an average ROI of 52%. I won’t reveal my secrets, but I can say that if you use good creative and good traffic, the results will be excellent, thankfully the functionality of the network allows it. Now I earn about $700 a month and I see the prospect of growth, that’s cool. I definitely recommend it.

  12. I chose this affiliate network according to my friends’ recommendations and reviews. And I thought it made sense to test Sweepstakes here. Before launching the traffic I had a long conversation with the manager on all the questions and nuances of work. Thanks to him for his help in making bundles for my advertising campaign. I got very good results. Now I make my own bundles and ask for help very rarely, but sometimes ask for advice or recommendations. The main advantage of this network is smartlink, I have already saved a lot of money thanks to this program and now I spend less time for optimization. In general, if you want to run Sweepstakes you can do it here without problems, I have not tested other verticals, but I think with the manager and his advice, everything will work out.

  13. At the moment I get the best results by launching dating traffic to Asia and LATAM countries. And my stable income is $1-$1,500 per month! At first I had a hard time figuring out which offers to choose to launch, but my manager helped me a lot with that. And probably one of the biggest pros of this network is the lack of a hold, so you don’t have to worry about the budget, it will always be there.

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